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New You Personal Training: Make that Change! 

Do you:

  • Work long or irregular hours?                                                   
  • Have no time or inclination to join a gym?
  • Are confused about “what needs to be done”?
  • Simply want to improve your health ?
  • Think you have 
  • reached that age when life style changes need to be made ?

Sound familiar ? I can help you. 

I specialise in providing a service for busy people who wish to make lifestyle changes. I work with you at your chosen location at a time that suits you.

Examples of clients currently being trained include:

  • A 41 year old whose key goals are to lose weight and improve her fitness. In just over 3 months she has lost over a stone in weight through subtle changes in diet with the focus on healthy eating and with a structured exercise programme
  • A 56 year old whose goals are to alter his body shape through changes in diet and a hypertrophy resistance based training programme. After an initial 10 sessions measurable changes in muscle definition has occurred.
  • A 44 year old whose initial goals were to lose weight, tone muscles and improve her fitness. After a successful 7 months a new goal is to run a half marathon with a revised training programme progressing well.
  • A 55 year old whose initial goals was to improve fitness and improve muscle definition. After 6 months improvements have also included reduced blood pressure, lowered stress levels (as evident through improved sleep patterns) and a reduction in dress size! 


Location of service

Our service operates in the Wiltshire and Bath areas.