Personal Training

Training with New You

New You Personal Training’s objective is to provide a programme that will allow you to achieve your goals through engaging in an active lifestyle, improving your fitness, health and well-being.

I offer training based on my own life experiences, I am sympathetic to your needs which allow strong relationships to be developed.

The training I provide will be based on your goals which could include improving the following:
  • Strength and physical fitness
  • Body shape/muscle tone
  • Weight management
  • Overall well being (e.g. stress management)


The service will be provided where you request (home, park, work …).
At a time that suits you.


The Process
  • To start the process, please complete the Contact Form
  • I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a free Consultation meeting i.e a discussion based upon your goals
  • If interested,the Consultation is followed by a separate Assessment meeting which consists of a number of static tests (e.g. blood pressure) and dynamic tests (physical exercises) to gauge your current level of fitness/health.

My part in the process is to understand your true goals, create a structured programme around these goals and ensure they are time realistic. Critical to this will be my ability to build progression into the programme to ensure you are challenged and motivation remains high.


At all times you will be taught the correct way to perform an exercise to ensure effectiveness and reduce the risk of any injury.

I ensure contact in between sessions to confirm no post exercise issues and to ensure you remain on track with achieving your goals.