“Have you tried various diets without success?”
You are not alone.
There are a confusing number of different dietary approaches to weight loss BUT 

fundamentally weight loss will only occur if a “calorific deficit” is achieved i.e. you burn more calories than you consume. 
There are a number of ways of establishing this calorific deficit with New You advocating a combination of a controlled diet and an exercise programme focused on weight loss.
The process includes:
  • An assessment of your current weight and body composition
  • Completion of the New You Nutritional Questionnaire, detailing your current diet
After a discussion based on the above, a Nutritional Programme will be agreed with the principle monitoring tool being the New You Food Diary which will be a comprehensive record of your diet. This will be analysed with feedback re:
  • Nutritional value of your current diet?
  • Is it likely a calorific deficit has been established?
  • Areas of concern, with suggested changes/alternatives ensuring a healthier more nutritious diet